Digital solutions that hit the sweet spot.

We’re a creative and ambitious bunch focused in The Netherlands. Using our expertise and just a dash of magic we’ll help you leave a lasting impression. Allow us to elevate your next API, website, web app or mobile app.

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What we do
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We envision

We answer questions and create solutions and strategies. How do you stand out? How do you elevate your concept from good to great? The world is changing, but so are you. We love to think and connect dots to come up with something that just feels right.

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We forge

We design brands. We create identities. We go beyond concept and implementation and forge the experience. From graphical design all the way to tone of voice in communication, we help shape your next idea or identity.

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We assemble

We build APIs, mobile apps, websites, PWAs, watch apps, backends and even TV apps. We love tech. Quality code that's ready for the future and solves a problem or tells a story is what makes our programmers have a good day, and you have a quality product.

Featured projects
Shot of Stappr app screens


With Stappr we've put social interaction on the map; literally! With fun animations, a pleasant chat system and an easy to navigate app it's possible to meet people that are nearby. Pick a time, a place and chat with the people who are also interested in going. Go out and have fun!

Shot of Egeote app screens


Encouraging users to go outside and explore the world around them, Egeote's location-bound messages can only be read by people near them. Go for a walk and discover what thoughts other people have shared, or drop messages at some secret location and see if someone else can find it! Egeote was designed and developed by and for SpoonX as a passion project.

Screenshot of Septims website


Septims is a tech group of like-minded designers and developers that are eager to build new projects together. In fact, it's where SpoonX Studio started when Suraj and Wesley met. Septims is still an active community and is expected to grow even more.

Shot of Spaced app screens


Suraj's concept for the Spaced challenge projects the futuristic style attached to interstellar travel into an elegant booking interface. The bright blue used as the accent color creates an easily identifiable brand connection, and it is tastefully highlighted in combination with the dark background.

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